Ecolodge des Chartrons: a very special place with 4 environmentally friendly bedrooms

At the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in France, Muriel and Arnaud offer four cozy rooms that can fit a total of nine guests. This 18th century building was fully restored using eco-materials such as wood fiber, hemp, cork and sheepswool.          The walls are lime plastered and the floors are made from sanded and oiled antique Vosges pine.
In March of 2009, Ecolodge des Chartrons was given the European EcoLabel Award in energy efficiency, including solar panels, water saving faucets and energy efficient light bulbs. To preserve tranquility and to respect other guests, we chose not to install televisions in the rooms, and offer a small library to choose from. Please consider that the building has four levels with stone steps.

Charming guest house

Up the stairs, and first contact with our charming guest house, you will be taken by the peaceful atmosphere of a provincial house.

The patio decorated with green plants welcomes you with this beautiful light from the South West, sifted in the summer by an anti-solar store. From there, you go to the living room with warm colors that has regained its old-fashioned atmosphere. Wine glasses and water, magazines and books on Bordeaux and are available to our guests.

As an extension of the living room, the dining room with its long convent table of winter breakfasts, its stone fireplace and antique furniture.
And then, to your desires, you will be seduced by our four guest rooms with special touches.

The ocher of the Girondine stone, the whitewashed walls, the woodwork and their natural hangings as well as the kilims in soft colors, bringing a very personal atmosphere to this convivial and family home.

Healthy Breakfast

Served in the patio or on the long wooden table in the dining room, breakfast consists of freshly squeezed orange juice, organic tea or hot chocolate, freshly roasted coffee from Régus and the excellent bread and delicious viennoiseries from Le Pétrin Moissagais. Fruits in season, dairy products, cheese, muesli and dried fruits and our homemade jams accompany these dishes.  Most of these high quality products are organic and sourced locally.

For any allergy problems or intolerance to gluten and/or milk protein, spelt bread and soy milk are available. Please inform us when booking .



Useful Informations

Easy access : train and tram
From/to the airport: Bordeaux Shuttle

Parking : 10 € per day


23, rue raze 33000 Bordeaux

+33 (0)556.814.913

General Terms of Use


Article 1 - Pricing

The prices indicated on the website of the B & B "Ecolodge des Chartrons" are contractual for the current year.

These rates are valid all year, whatever the season.

However, these prices will not apply to requests for accommodation durings events like "VINEXPO", a special pricing and communicated on request, will be proposed.

Article 2 - Validation of a reservation

The security of a reservation occur following the reception, with the choice:

- credit card details; however no money will be taken before the end of the stay

- a check or deposit of 50 €; Checks are cashed upon receipt.

- Any additional consumption and services must be formulated in writing and will be settled at the end of your stay.

Article 3 - Last minute reservations

All reservations made within 48 hours of arrival, will be paid by credit card by phone or bank transfer.

"The communication of bank details or the payment of a deposit implies the acceptance of these General Terms of Use".

Article 4 - Accommodation regulations

The amount of accommodation will be paid to the Owner upon presentation of invoice at the end of the stay of his customers.

Article 5 - Tourist tax

the visitor's tax is collected by the owner who then transfers it to the public treasury. This tax partly finances the Bordeaux Tourist Office.

Article 6 - Cancellation policy

any cancellation of bookings must be notified in writing (email or mail addressed to the ECOLODGE DES CHARTRONS, 23 rue Raze 33000 Bordeaux), but can not be validated by the applicant on receipt of an acknowledgment of receipt issued by the Owner.

if the cancellation of the reservation occurs 21 days (or more) before the beginning of the stay: no penalty will be requested and the deposit will be refunded.

• The cancellation takes place between the 7th and the 21st day preceding the beginning of the stay: the deposit paid remains fully acquired to the owner.

Similarly, the Owner reserves the right to debit the credit card left as a guarantee, 30% of the contractual amount of stay

• The cancellation occurs 7 days before the beginning of the stay, the entire stay is due to the Owner by the Customer.

• In the case of a shortened stay, the cost of the contracted accommodation is entirely due to the owner.

"However, the compensation will be collected only on the last day of the stay originally planned, because if the rooms concerned are rented, the Owner undertakes to return to the Client the compensation part concerning this or these overnight stay".

Article 7 - Cancellation of the stay by the owner

when before the beginning of the stay, the owner cancels the stay, he must inform his client by registered letter with Acknowledgment of Reception.

The customer without prejudging remedies for damages
eventually incurred, will be refunded immediately sums already paid. He will also receive compensation at least equal to the penalty he would have incurred if the cancellation had been made by him on that date.

Article 8 - Check-in and Check-out

the Ecolodge des Chartrons is not a hotel but a guest house, and to facilitate the lives of its guests, the Owner has not established arrival times for its guests. The Ecolodge is therefore accessible at any time of the day, especially to leave luggage or a car, but on the express condition that the arrival time has been clearly defined.
advance when email exchanges.

Arrivals after 20:30 are accepted by agreement from Owner.
In case of delay of more than 2 hours, the Owner will charge an extra of 20 €

The owner of the Ecolodge des Chartrons asks that the rooms be released no later than 11 AM.

Article 9 - Change of Chambers

Without the client being able to claim any compensation, the Owner reserves the right to change the room initially reserved by the customer for a room of the same capacity or higher capacity.
The Owner will inform the Client by email.
The price of the reservation initially concluded will remain unchanged.

Article 10 - Art of living, use of the premises

The respect of a certain lifestyle is asked to all guests to ensure the tranquility of the place and the comfort of its guests. In addition, it is requested not to smoke in the walls of the Ecolodge des Chartrons and specifically in the rooms.
The Customer agrees to respect the instructions to know how to live especially concerning the noise and to make the rooms in perfect condition at the end of the stay.
The Customer will have the delicacy to declare, and to assume financially, any possible degradation of which it could be responsible.
Children playing in the Ecolodge des Chartrons are under
the sole responsibility of their parents.

Article 11 - The present conditions of sale are modifiable at any time without notice.

Acceptance and compliance with these conditions of sale are deemed acquired upon payment of the deposit or the communication of a credit card number.

Article 12 - Privacy Policy

In accordance with the law of January 6, 1978, customers of
Ecolodge des Chartrons have the right to access and rectify data concerning them. The Ecolodge des Chartrons undertakes not to transmit to other companies or organizations, the information that has been communicated to it.


- our promotional offers are not cumulative.
- our conditions, prices and offers are not contractual and modifiable without notice

We are actually closed due to covid19 issue.

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We are actually closed due to covid19 issue.